sthashtag is a project the incredibly talented kimberly palmer and i are working on. sthashtag allows you and your friends to search, collect and download photos sharing the same hashtag all in one place. it's a work in progress, but a great tool i find myself using all the time.


built using: html5 css3 bootstrap jquery

clarkson old gold

clarkson old gold is an idea my good friend and former co-captain bryan jackson and i hatched as a go-to-site for all things clarkson lacrosse. at the public layer, clarkson old gold provides an in-depth look at the clarkson lacrosse program history. however, that's not the real power behind the site at all. accessible only to alumni and current players is a searchable database of alumni information, creating a network that bridges the gap between classes and the real world.


built using: html5 css3 bootstrap jquery